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News and Events

Gale’s Equine Facility

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Below is a series of photo galleries showing activities and events for Gale’s Equine Facility.  To see the full galleries, you’ll need Flash Player on your viewing device.  Sorry iPhone and iPad users.

February 1, 2015,

Whisper fan Gale’s graduates her training program, schooled by

Madison Zahradka.  

You can see the video of their dressage test by clicking

“Whisper’s Dressage Test”.

Tequila Viola

2000 Dutch Warmblood

The photos are of Miek riding Tequila for the first time at Gale’s.

Tequila was imported from the Netherlands in October 2014.

Gale will be training with this wonderful mare, preparing for showing at the FEI Levels of Dressage

 in 2015

NEWS:  Interscholastic Equestrian Association:

Some of our students compete in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association horse shows during the winter.

For our region (which is part of a zone, which is part of the national Association), Madison is ranked in first place in her division, on the Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat, and is at Fourth Place on the Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences.

Mia Perry is ranked in first place in her division, in the Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat.

The divisions are divided up by the age/school-year of the riders.

So, we are very proud of our riders from Gale’s competing at IEA shows.  Soon, I believe, there will be Regional competitions to determine who will compete at “Zones”.  Zone winner then go to the National Event to compete against riders from all over the United States.  

Send the girls a congratulatory note when you have a chance.



Thank you to all the

 Friends of Gale’s

who purchased new bridles and saddle pads for the lesson horses.  What fun it is to see our beautiful lesson horses in their matching gear.  In the photo, left to right, is

Hayley on Amos wearing red,

 Alexandra on Austin in teal,

&  Ashley on Jingles wearing purple & pink.  

Gale & Tequila competed in dressage at FEI Level Intermediare I, earning her first two required scores toward her USDF Gold Medal.

Our Annual Halloween Horse Show

October 27th, 2013

Favorite Photos

From Past Years

We have new jumps!!!

With the help of donations from many of the Gale’s Clients, Friends and Family, we were able to purchase a complete new jump course for our indoor arena.  These jumps are made of durable PVC made by the company, “JUMPVC” from Jackson, Missouri.  Click on their name to learn more about this jump manufacturing company.

December 23, 2013


Our Halloween Ridecital for 2014 offered some real creative costumes.

Fun at the water complex at Morgan Equine’s Cross Country Course in Locke, NY.

Hard work paid off, and in 2017, Tequila carried me through two Grand Prix tests, for both of which, we were scored above the required 60% and we then were awarded the coveted USDF Gold Medal.  Since the beginning of the USDF, in 1984, less than 1500 Gold Medals have been awarded.



2016 Halloween Horse Show - October 30th

We combined this year with a open hunter show and a dressage “ride-a-test” event.  Lots of photos of this event can be seen here.

Our 2015 Summer Camps were the BEST.  The first camp,held at the beginning of July, had the campers learning “Quadrille” routines and doing a performance for family and friends.  A video of the finale performance can be seen here: “The Ridecital”

The second camp was programmed to assist the campers to go to, and compete at the Chemung County Fair Horse Show. The campers and their parents had such a great time, that plans are already underway for next year’s “Horse Show Camp”.

Our third camp was a beginner rider half-day camp during which we introduced new riders to the world of horses.  

We had three, week-long “day camps” during the summer of 2016.  First Camp was the very popular “Drill Team Camp”.  Second camp was a beginner camp - for absolutely new riders.  Our third camp was the “County Fair Horse Show” Camp.  All camps were filled to capacity and were successfully fun…for sure.


Taking a small break from the show rings of horse shows, riders at Gale’s participated more in trail rides and hunter pace events in our local area.  Much fun and great adventures for our riders and horses.  No Stirrup November, fun trips, smiling faces, and, of course, big repairs kept 2019 interesting!

We said goodbye to

Pony Lightning.

We said goodbye, unexpectedly to

 Lil The Pill

2020 - The Year of C0VID -19

Before COVID shut everything down, Lynnelle, Kristie and I were demo riders at the USDF L Program held by the WNYDA at Houghton College.  

Trail rides and hunter paces filled our activities for 2020.

We welcomed new lesson horse “Jet” to our herd.  Super nice horse with smooth gaits.

We welcomed “Sebastian” to our herd, a Friesian cross owned by Beth Dollinger

Lots of Snow and Holiday Spirit


2021 brought us more snow than we had seen in awhile.

Getting our supplies in - lots of pellet bedding and hay.

Judged a couple dressage shows.









New members to the herd…. Little Layla and Skippy

 And the beautiful white Ari.

Chemung County Fair 2021-

Kristie & Sly, Lucy & Dublin and Makayla & Smokey

Many Fun Hunter Paces!

Arena Activities - PIVO and a Halloween Party

A new to us

Tractor for

Dragging the

Indoor Arena

More Fun Hunter Paces!

A Great Team!

With us for a short time, was the Thomas Family and their lovely pony, Scout.  It took quite the search to find Scout, and then the family had to relocate to California, and took Scout with them.  Such a nice family and we miss them.